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All My Ships That Never Sailed – Anime Edition

I always end up shipping the wrong people. Whether it’s a book , anime or tv show, my ship almost always sinks. Most of my OTPs are everyone’s NOTPs. If there’s a potential love triangle in a story, you’re likely to find me shipping the two who will absolutely (and quite obviously) never get together. It’s heart breaking, really, and I don’t think I’ll ever get used to it. It’s very rarely that I ship a ship that sails (yay Touka x Kaneki, Erza x Jellal), and that is the only confirmation I get that I’m not as insane as I expected myself to be. As promised in the book edition, I’m back with some of my Anime ships that never sailed.

You’ll either love these and get on board (which I’d advise against for people with a weak heart), or you will hate these and call me insane. There is no between. Or maybe there is,who am i to say that.  So let’s begin, shall we?

Contains spoilers!



I know I’m not the only one who ships them (thank god). Can you blame us, they look so good together. They look better beside each other than they do beside their original pairings. I don’t know if it’s just me, but even the anime sometimes seems to hint on Gray’s feelings for Lucy, which adds even more fuel to the ship, only to be eventually dissapointed.

Natsu x Lucy? Nayyy. Too predictable for me. Juvia x Gray? No way. Please don’t hate me after this, but I don’t like Juvia very much and even less when with Gray.




Now, I ship Lucy with Gray but what about poor Natsu? There is no one else better for Natsu than Lisanna. They have been friends since childhood and they were a team (she even named Happy!). Not to mention, Lucy is more or less the new Lisanna in Natsu’s life. They are like a little family. They’re perfect for each other. I could totally see them getting together if it weren’t for the plot.

Let Lucy be happy with Gray and Natsu be happy with Lisanna. There’s nothing to lose.




This is the one ship that I’ll never get over. It was a freaking TRAGEDY, that’s what it was. Shirley fell in love with Lelouch, found out he murdered his father, protected him nonetheless, forgot all about him and yet fell in love with him once again only to die a sad death. I will forever respect and admire her love for him, even when he never loved her back. Even when it was unrequited. It was so, so sad. All I hoped was that he must have come back to her when he died, in heaven. And that they may be leading a happy after life together somewhere.

But apparently, he doesn’t seem to have died, as the release of the new season is suggesting. And there go all my hopes and dreams.




This was such a beautiful anime. As much as I liked Kaori, I was never able to ship her with Arima. Tsubaki seemed a better match for Arima in my twisted opinion. I’m a sucker for childhood friendships that blossom into love. Kaori was more like a dream, while Tsubaki was more grounded and realistic. But I’m not at all comparing the two.

I think I’m also a sucker for one-sided, unrequited love. That explains it.




Allow me to explain, it’s not as crazy as it looks like. Actually I’m wrong, it is crazy. I don’t even know how to explain this. I guess I have a tendency of shipping some of the most far fetched and impossible ships. But just imagine, how cool would that be? I haven’t read the manga yet but what if she turns out to be a really nice person and takes Eren’s side instead? It wouldn’t seem so impossible then. Please don’t judge.

Mikasa x Eren isn’t all that bad, but truth be told, I’d rather see Levi x Mikasa. That would be so interesting.




I kind of surprised myself with this one. If you knew me, you’d think I would go with Okarin x Makise here. And I did ship them in the first few episodes. In fact, I even found Mayuri to be slightly annoying. But all changed shortly after. Now I just think of Mayuri as a precious little angel that needs to be protected and preserved. And I think of Mayuri x Okarin as a cute ship that should have happened. Not that I don’t like Makise and Okarin, i think they’re great. But Mayuri and Okarin would have been greater. Remember my childhood friendship shipping weakness?





The Tsundere effect played a huge role in this ship. I loved Kyou. She was one of my favourite characters from Clannad. And she was most definitely a Tsundere. She obviously had feelings for Tomoya, which also turned about to be one-sided, sadly. But I think Tomoya could have developed feelings for her eventually. It wasn’t entirely impossible. And she certainly was a better match than Nagisa (no offense).




I have a feeling that I might not be the only person shipping these two. They would have been great together. Yuri was my favourite character from Angel Beats, and I cannot think of a better person for Otonashi. She was bold and brave and a great leader. Though they weren’t exactly similar, they would have certainly balanced each other.

But then again, none of the ships from Angel Beats actually sailed. I may or may not console myself with this fact.


HONOURABLE MENTIONS:  Ciel x Elizabeth ( Black Butler), Oga x Aoi (Beelzebub), Hayate x Maria (Hayate the combat butler), Hikaru x  Haruhi (Ouran highschool hostclub).




Maybe I’m insane or maybe I’m just not a fan of predictable parings. Maybe I’m just not into mainstream romances. And that’s alright. Even if these ships were never made cannon, that doesn’t stop ME from fangirling over them. And so, somehow, I’m able to find peace (yay!). So here were a few of my ships that never sailed (there are more). Hope you liked them!


Your turn. Do you have any such ships? Have I also turned you into a heart broken, NOTP shipper? Leave me a comment.



29 thoughts on “All My Ships That Never Sailed – Anime Edition

  1. Tsubaki X Arima!!! I liked them together too!! But there are some pairings I didn’t agree with….lol one of my pairings that will never happen is Erza X Natsu. Although, jellal is perfect for Erza (as stated in my 30 day challenge post) I can’t help but want to see Erza and Natsu together -especially after the Tower of Heaven arc when Natsu saved her. I also liked Otanashi X Yuri! Great original post! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m glad you can relate!
      Honestly, even I started to ship Erza and Natsu after he saved her in the tower of heaven arc! But I also started shipping her with Jellal. So my ship of Natsu and Erza eventually faded away.
      Thanks for reading. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I agree with everything you said about AoT! Maybe it’s my imagination, but I seem to see Mikasa and Levi exchanging looks at times (and they’d make a power couple), and I really like Annie’s tougher personality matched with Eren.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I agreed with your ships, too (well, I haven’t seen Your Lie in April yet, so I couldn’t say where my thoughts lie with that one).

    If you haven’t, you should watch the Kyou OVA for Clannad. She’s a better heroine than Nagisa in my opinion (don’t hate me, Nagisa fans)

    I can’t think of any ships that have left me heartbroken recently (aside from rooting for the girl who lost the major love triangle in Macross Delta; I’m pretty sure there were four or so love triangles in that one wahaha).

    Thanks for sharing!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Well you are not the only one who ships characters. I could never find Nagisa and Tomoya as a good couple, so I often shipped him with Tomoyo, which was a success in an OVA (Yay~). But the ship that I wanted to sail more than anything else was Maria X Hayate, coz why not? A good topic and great post!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Tomoyo is a great match as well! Not to mention their names are also so similar. But I always found myself to be a little partial towards Kyou. Atleast she gets to be the protagonist in an OVA!
      Omg I’m glad you ship Maria x Hayate as well! I literally thought I would be alone in this one.
      Thanks for reading.

      Liked by 1 person

  5. LOL haha, your ships are the complete opposite of mine! I think the only one I slightly agreed with was Your Lie in April. I love Kaori, but I felt that Tsubaki should have a chance too! But then again, I love Kaori and Arima together!

    Nevertheless, I had fun reading your post! Thanks for sharing! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Well at least Tomoya x Kyou did happen in that what if episode.

    I took think that childhood friends should be destined for love. Most of the time though the new love interest ends up winning the love triangle, which annoys me. Maybe that’s why I avoid romance.

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  7. I totally shipped Hikaru and Haruhi, too! Ahh, the memories. I did love Tamaki as well, so I was happy he and Haruhi ended up together. But, there’s a place in my heart where I believe Hikaru and Haruhi would’ve been great!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes! They would have been great. Though, it was never confirmed that Tamaki and Haruhi did get together in the end, it certainly was implied. I just found myself to be more biased towards Hikaru x Haruhi.
      Thanks for reading! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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