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Why I Stopped Reading The Throne Of Glass Series

Here’s why I put the Throne Of Glass series on hold.

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Character Wars – Jace or Tobias/Four

Hey everyone! Character wars is back with yet another tough choice to help with my truckload of indecisiveness.  It’s been so long since the last character wars that whatever progress my indecisiveness may have made is back to square one. And that’s very frustrating. I think I’ll keep on writing these posts until this indecisiveness… Continue reading Character Wars – Jace or Tobias/Four

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The Candy Book Tag

A delicious book tag.

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All My Ships That Never Sailed – Book Edition

These ships were never made cannon, but I WILL GO DOWN WITH THEM!

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Fall Activities Book Tag

Another awesome Book Tag with a Fall flavour!

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This Is My Genre, Tell Me Yours: Book Tag

The Sassy Book Geek  tagged me for this fantastic tag created by Drew @ the tattooed book geek.  It’s a very interesting tag and I can’t wait to tell you all about my favourite book genre!   The Rules: Credit the badass Drew @The Tattooed Book Geek as the creator of the tag, either use the created tag name graphic… Continue reading This Is My Genre, Tell Me Yours: Book Tag

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Character Wars – Karou or Clary

  Hey everyone! in order to improve my decisiveness which currently is infinitely low, i am back with another character wars, this time featuring *drumroll please*-  KAROU AND CLARY! I found both of these characters on similar grounds for comparison. They both are the protagonists in their respective stories, unaware of their real identity initially,… Continue reading Character Wars – Karou or Clary