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All My Ships That Never Sailed – Book Edition


I always end up shipping the wrong people. Whether it’s a book , anime or tv show, my ship almost always sinks. Most of my OTPs are everyone’s NOTPs. If there’s a potential love triangle in a story, you’re likely to find me shipping the two who will absolutely (and quite obviously) never get together. It’s heart breaking, really, and i don’t think i’ll ever get used to it. It’s very rarely that I ship a ship that sails (yay Brenda x Thomas, Peeta x Katniss), and that is the only confirmation I get that I’m not as insane as I expected myself to be. So, today I decided, why not share some of these ships with y’all? I’ll also be doing an Anime edition, so watch out for that.


You’ll either love these and get on board (which i’d advise against for people with a weak heart), or you will hate these and call me insane. There is no between. Or maybe there is,who am i to say that.  So let’s begin, shall we?


As PJO was my first proper novel series, Percy x Rachel was also my first ship. I was only twelve years old when my heart first broke (how sad). Since then, it has only been shattered into a thousand pieces repeatedly and thrown into the Tartarus like Kronos. No, I’m not doing okay. Anyway, so Percy x Rachel was something I really used to fuss about and honestly, back in those days I was quite hopeful and optimistic about them actually being together. They would have been perfect for each other. Hell, they were perfect for each other until Uncle Rick went and turned Rachel into an Oracle, thus shattering all my dreams. If it weren’t for that little plot twist, i could imagine them having a happy future together.

And no hate, but Annabeth x Percy was just too predictable and boring for me. I like them individually, but no not together! I’m sorry.


Image source – Vasirasart

Uncle Rick put just so many little love triangles in every story he created! And I still ended up shipping the ones I knew would hurt me in the end. So, Leo x Hazel, everybody. You’ll have to admit they really were going somewhere with their relationship. Don’t get the wrong idea, Frank was an amazing character that I loved with Hazel, but if I were to choose between Frank x Hazel and Leo x Hazel, I would’ve picked Leo x Hazel. And I mean, Leo did look like one of Hazel’s previous boyfriends. There was definitely some romantic tension between the two.

As for Leo x Calypso, no. I think Leo should have been paired with some other better person, if not Hazel. Don’t hate me after this, please.


I used to ship Clary x Jace for the initial parts of the series, but then, I just suddenly started shipping Simon x Clary instead. I don’t know how that shift occured, but it did. Though I didn’t ship them as strongly, so it didn’t hurt as much. In fact, I did like Simon x Izzy in the latter parts (not before). So, I shipped Simon with a lot of people – Simon x Clary, Simon x Maeia, Simon x Izzy. Out of these three, Simon x Izzy was the most obvious and honestly, i was fine with it.


This shipping from Beautiful Creatures is similar to the Percy x Rachel ship. Now, Liv seemed to me, much like Rachel. Her character was also introduced later in the story and she also played a role in the love triangle. Smart, bold and different, i couldn’t have imagined a better pair for Ethan. Even though I knew they wouldn’t get together, I still relished all their little moments together.


Image source – Catty on pinterest

Another ship from one of Rick Riordan’s tale. But just imagine, Reyna and Jason were perfect for each other. Two Praetors, knowing each other since childhood, leading the Romans together. You’ll have to admit, it was a little unfair on Uncle Rick’s part. While Percy doesn’t forget Annabeth or finds a new girlfriend, Jason not only forgets Reyna but also finds a new girlfriend. Reyna obviously had feelings for Jason AND this ship could have been canon if it weren’t for the plot. Now, Piper x Jason is nice and i like them. But I like Jason x Reyna better.


Image source – maradywr

As it turns out, I also have the capability and the nerves to ship the protagonist with the villain. Even though I have only read the first part from this series yet, I’m pretty sure that they absolutely definitely won’t get together. And yet, I cannot let go of this ship. I certainly need help.


Image source – Rocio’s art

So this was a different sort of ship for me. In a Hunger Games like love triangle, I usually ship the person who is introduced later (like Peeta) and not the best friend. In this case, however, I shipped the protagonist with the best friend instead. But who could blame me, they had actually been together before the Selection and had made future plans! America had loved him before she met Maxon and still had feelings for him. The whole pairing-Aspen-with-some-other maid idea was seemed very absurd (you’ll have to agree). Not that the story wasn’t any less absurd (seriously, they could have done better). Also, Aspen was the SOLDIER while Maxon was the PRINCE. Maxon already had everything and yet he stole America away from Aspen. Not to mention he kissed a whole lot of other girls. That’s unfair.


Robert who? Y’all must be wondering. Remember Tris’s friend (or acquaintance) from Abnegation that went to Amity. He doesn’t even have a single dialogue in the book (if I remember correctly), and still I somehow ship them! This is way too much, even for me, and yet here I am. I can’t even recall why on earth i decided to ship the two. Probably because i never liked Tris and Four together please don’t kill/hate me. But yeah, that’s how blatantly outlandish I can get when it comes to shipping people.




Maybe I’m insane or maybe I’m just not a fan of predictable parings. Maybe I’m just not into mainstream romances. And that’s alright. Even if these ships were never made cannon by the respective authors, that doesn’t stop ME from making my own fan fictions in my head that you don’t wanna know about, and fangirling over them. And so, somehow, I’m able to find peace (yay!). So here were a few of my ships that never sailed (there are more). Hope you liked them!


Do you guys have any such ships that never sailed? Have I also turned you into an insane, heart broken, NOTP shipper? Tell me in the comments.

Sorry for the awfully long post.



18 thoughts on “All My Ships That Never Sailed – Book Edition

  1. The last ship though… I haven’t read that particular book series.. But… Does Robert come in the film? Can’t really seem to recall?
    Sorry I might have bad memory when it comes to recalling? *.-

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I don’t think so. He’s a very minor character, only just mentioned in the books. It actually all started because at the end of Divergent Tris decides to visit Amity and that was the only thing that led me to make my own headcannons and ship them lol. Please don’t judge me xD
      Thanks for reading!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Lol.. No I didn’t judge or nor I will judge people because some of their OTP went wrong.. Heck, I made a lot of wrong shipping that I think I won’t even share either anime/novel/light novel/manga…
        It’s just I felt something was missing in Four x Tris.. Now I wanna say don’t judge me here 😜😀. I just felt something was missing in divergent as a whole, I watched only the movies for divergent series. Maybe that’s whay I didn’t pick up that book series.. So I thought was there a better pair for her in the books and maybe he was not that much covered in the movies, like that.. I am sorry if anyone is a big fan of divergent movies .. It’s just my opinion and mostly biased according to my personal tastes. 🙏

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Haha I just meant it in good humour lol. I think this blogging community is wonderful and accepting, and that might be why I decided to share this post. So you have some sneaky ships as well! :3
        I think I can see why you felt that way. It took me an awful lot of time to finish the first book, and I felt it boring at places too. But the second book was spectacular! You should read the books whenever you can, they’re pretty good.
        Ohh yeah, I understand why you asked. As much as the movies like to diverge away from the books, Robert is not that character. Good to know I’m not the only one doesn’t ship Four and Tris. 😀

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Yep, this community is wonderful and kind 😜 I doubt I will enjoy the books as much as everyone who loved it, since I have a basic idea of the plot from the movies..
        But I will take a look at them when I get the time, hoping I get to know the characters even more and maybe the series too 😁😁😁

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  2. Nice post. I actually wasn’t that into Tris and Four together either. To me, they had clashing personalities. But I really do not remember Robert. Haha.Rachel was awesome but I didn’t really mind the Annabeth pairing. I thought either would be okay. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Tris and Four were a good couple, but I was never obsessed over them. I might just be the only person who remembers Robert lol. Though he was only mentioned once or twice in the entire series so there’s no point remembering him.
      Rachel was indeed an awesome character. Again, I think I might just be the only person who ships Rachel and Percy. 😀
      Thanks for reading!

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  3. I need to read like all of these books XD but all of my ships in any of the media I watch are not the cannon ones (well now Senshi/ Dark Kingdom generals is in Sailor Moon but that’s a total redcon) I think teh pairing I’m most ashamed to say I love is BowserXPeach from the Mario series rotfl. But I just think they’re so cute together, I read any fanfics I can when those two are involved as the MCs.

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  4. I totally feel you on Percy x Rachel! That would’ve been a much more interesting and unexpected pairing. But then hey, if I had it my way, I would’ve had Harry Potter end up with Luna Lovegood–life sucks haha:P

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Omg, I almost had Harry x Luna in this list! But cut it off as there were just too many ships in the list. But I’m so glad to know that you also ship Harry x Luna and Percy x Rachel!
      Thanks for reading. 🙂


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