About Me


I see you’ve stumbled across my blog. Hope you like what you see.


  • The most indecisive 17 year old there is.
  • Also super awkward.
  • Crazy about books and anime.
  • Deems every shade of blue as perfect. that’s not about her but 
  • Mio Akiyama = spirit animel.
  • Can’t live without music.
  • Doesn’t know what she wants in life.
  • Just another random nerdgirl.



  • My inner otaku is displayed in the anime section.
  • My inner bookworm is on display in the books section.
  • Also, occasional ruminations.
  • Also, fangirling.



captufsfsreListing down my favourites of anything anime & bookish.

cabpture Fangirling over books or characters (or both) & discussing books in general.

capturechchPitting some of my favourite book characters against each other in order to battle my infinite indecisiveness.

captureacac30 days/15 weeks anime challenge where I answer some interesting anime questions.

capturerararaSome of my most random thoughts on the most random of things.



  • If you love the things mentioned above.
  • If you’re curious about my life.
  • If not, join me anyway.
  • Bless you.



  • for stopping by!
  • for reading this far!
  • for existing!






Note: I do not own any of the art and pictures featured on this blog. Credits to the respective artists. If you would like any picture removed, please contact.  

Mio Chibi (header and logo) credit – http://www.taringa.net/posts/manga-anime/18122965/Chibis-muchos-chibis-imagenes.html


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