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I was tagged in this abolutely brilliant and original book tag by the lovely notsomoderngirl, who also happens to be the creator of this tag (THANK YOU!). Go check out her blog for some bookish delights!


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I don’t know about the subject, but this book surely did confuse me with its twists.



This book has some good quality quotable material.


Sherlock Holmes. I love him both in the books as well as the show.


Katniss x Peeta. One of the few of my ships that did sail.


There are so many! Luna, Hermione, Leo Valdez, Hazel Levesque, Rhysand, Mark Blackthorn, Peeta, to name a few.


I’ll name my favourite anime for this question – Death Note, Code Geass, Steins Gate, Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood.


I do judge a book by its cover more often than I would’ve liked. Let’s be real, at some point in our lives, we’ve all judged a book by its cover. And though its not right to do so, many publishers and authors use it as a marketing strategy.



The Book Thief and I so loved it!


Middle Earth and Hogwarts any day of the week! I already have my bags packed.



I admit that this book has some of the best writing out there, but I’m more of a story person.




sophie @ Blame Chocolate

Birdie Bookworm

Ayaka @ Midnight Ranter


Azia @ The Uncharted World

I tried nominating those who haven’t been tagged yet, but I’m sorry if you’ve already been tagged.

Thanks again, notsomoderngirl! This tag was a lot of fun!


CLEAN TEMPLATE – For your copying/pasting convenience

1. Maths- What’s a book that left your head spinning in circles

2. English- Which book do you think has beautiful written expression?

3. Physics- Who is your favourite scientifically minded character from a book/film?

4. Chemistry- Who is your favourite literary couple?

5. Biology- Who is your favourite book/film/series character?

6. French- What is your favourite foreign book/film/programme?

7. Art- Have you ever judged a book by its cover, even if you weren’t meant to?!

8. History- What was the last historical book you read?

9. Geography- Which literary destination would you really like to visit? (They can be real or fictional!)

10. Drama- What’s a book that you think has a lot of over-dramatic hype?





32 thoughts on “School subjects tag

  1. Thanks for the tag! And Allegiant, oh my gosh, that was a twisty book. And yes, the Book Thief! Amazing! And I have to admit that I do like Katniss and Peeta; I feel as if they had some similar traits, but enough contrasts to really work. And while I did like The Fault in Our Stars, most of that was probably the gorgeous writing.

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    1. You’re very welcome! Allegiant was so different from Divergent and Insurgent, it didn’t seem like the same series to me.
      Always glad to know that someone agrees! Katniss and Peeta are an amazing couple. The aggression of Katniss is balanced by the softness of Peeta.
      TFIOS had so many amazing quotes, but there wasn’t much of a plot.
      Thanks for reading.

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      1. It did feel different, and I have to say that the two narrations bothered me; it almost gave away what was gonna happen.
        Yep, gotta say the same about Katniss and Peeta. They balance each other out, and help each other. Their contrasts aren’t so different that they’re mismatched or dysfunctional; instead, they help to balance things out and bring out the best in each other.
        I can see what you mean about The Fault in Our Stars, but I feel like it was less a story based book and more of a narrative with the characters at their core. So while on reread, I don’t like it as much as I did when I first read it, I still think it’s a beautifully written book that’s more character based than an actual story. Definitely not for everyone.

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      2. The two narrations were very confusing. Especially since they were both in the present tense. In hindsight, they did hint on the ending but for me it was still pretty unexpected. The protagonist usually doesn’t die in a story, especially if it’s a scifi or fantasy. So I did not see it coming.
        Exactly. They bring out the better in each other.
        I think most of John Green’s book are more character based than story based. But being a reader who enjoys fast paced and intriguing stories, they are definitely not my cup of tea. The writing on the other hand, I agree, is beautiful.

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      3. Yeah, I don’t think the present tense helped. And yeah, despite the alternate chapters, it was still a twist.
        Yeah, I’ve read two other John Green books and they are largely character based. I do love characters, and he certainly writes good ones, but I do wish they had a bit more plot.

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      4. I’ve read Papertowns and Looking for Alaska and yes they’re both also very character based. Papertowns was intriguing in the beginning but the ending was very absurd. And Looking for Alaska took me an insufferable amount of time to finish.

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  2. Thanks so much for the tag Ava! I haven’t done this one yet, even though I was already tagged once, so that’s fine ^^
    Unfortunately I can’t really relate to any of your choices as I’ve either not read or disliked the books mentioned, but I do agree with visiting Hogwarts! And I also love Luna and Hermione – so different yet such great characters, both of them.
    Great post! And I just love your little graphics, they’re absolutely adorable and whimsical ❤

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    1. You’re welcome! Oops, I’m really sorry I didn’t know you were tagged.
      Aw but I’m sure you’ll some even amazing picks for this tag and I’m so looking forward to reading them!
      Luna and Hermon are great. You’re right about them being totally different and yet so endearing.
      Yay thanks! I put my heart and soul into them. (I’m kidding) But means a lot coming from you!

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      1. No problem at all! There was really no way you could have known (except for psychic powers being involved, in which case would be awesome!)
        Hahaha thank you for the vote of confidence 😊❤️ I hope I can post the tag soon!

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  3. Oooh, I always hear good things about The Book Thief, but I’m always so hesitant to pick it up – I’ve gotten it stuck in my head that it’s a “classic” and I don’t do them. XD I’m super glad you enjoyed it, though. And for Sherlock – have you tried the A Study in Charlotte books yet with Charlotte Holmes is in the lead? Fantastic post, Ava!

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    1. The Book Thief isn’t exactly a classic. I don’t have a thing for classics myself, but the book Thief is very different from classics. I hope you enjoy the book whenever you give it a read. ☺
      I’ve heard about them, but haven’t gotten around to reading them yet. Are they good?
      Thanks so much, Mandy! 💙


  4. I love Sherlock Holmes, too. Especially the BBC version 😉 And yaaay! So glad you mentioned Mark Blackthorn. He’s such an adorable cinnamon roll LOL
    Thanks so much for tagging me! Sorry it took me so long to respond. Hopefully I can get around to this one soon!

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