I’m On Twitter!

Hey, guys! Hope you’re all having a nice day. I just wanted to ย inform that I had recently made a twitter account, and now you can follow me on twitter for some more random adventures!

Here’s the link to my twitter.ย 

Honestly, I had made the account back when I was about to reach 300 hundred followers but never really used it all that much and it remained pretty dormant. This is my first time using a twitter account so there’s still much that I need to figure, but I just thought it’d be cool to have a social media extension to the blog. So do come over and say hello!

Also, I am very pleased to announce that this blog is almost about to reach 400 awesome followers! A big THANKYOU to all my recent followers, I hope you’re liking what you see!

I know I haven’t been posting as frequently as I should but I’ll do my best to stay as regular I can.



50 thoughts on “I’m On Twitter!

      1. My username is.. oh bloody hell.. I think I just forgot it… You know what? You’d probably find me soon enough on your notifications XD
        AND I’M SO HAPPY FOR YOU MATE; your wonderful blog deserve its readers and more xx

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      2. Haha it’s definitely not midnight ranger though, because I’ve already searched it up and there WAS this one blog but it didn’t seem like yours, you know.
        Thanks so much. It means a lot coming from you! I’m sure I will be the one congratulating you next, because your blog is amazing!

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      3. The username itself turned out to be kotegawa_ayaka and Midnight Ranter is the name so maybe that’s why Twitter was confused? Or maybe because I recently reactivated it or something because it’s been gathering dust really xD

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      4. You know, I think it’s absurd of Twitter to not just view the names with the letters you typed. I mean, it really gets confusing when I put a space when the username doesn’t have any or when I search for it a dot instead of an underscore or something like that. So really, it’s Twitter we should be throwing pointed glances at here xD

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      1. I’m on episode eight…I’m getting so stressed…I really hope Hiname doesn’t die. I’m not even THAT emotionally attached to her, but…I’d still get major feels. And I’m pretty sure I know who the white haired guy is, but at the same time…nobody’s face changes so fast! Marie Antoinette syndrome, okay, but the facial structure is too different!

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      2. I can understand! Even I wasn’t that attached to Hinami but the death of her mother was still pretty shocking.
        Haha, I knew it from the beginning and this is one of the few absurd things about the anime. It makes no sense!

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