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Character Wars – Jace or Tobias/Four

Hey everyone!

Character wars is back with yet another tough choice to help with my truckload of indecisiveness.  It’s been so long since the last character wars that whatever progress my indecisiveness may have made is back to square one. And that’s very frustrating. I think I’ll keep on writing these posts until this indecisiveness virus finally leaves me for good. And it’s not anytime soon.

Now for today’s post, as my wicked little brain would have it, I have to choose between  Jace Herondale from the Mortal Instruments and Tobias Eaton from Divergent. (On another note, Veronica Roth has written an epilogue to the Divergent series and I’m so curious to know what all went on in the Divergent world after that horrific and sad ending.)

This one is another random comparison that popped in my head and hence i apologise if it seems odd or lame (it’s definitely lame). I went with these two because –

1) They’re both blonde. (yes.Hair colour is very important!)

2) They’re both charming, strong, male protagonists and love interests in their respective novels. Basically, they’re quite similar (at least in my opinion)  Anyway, let’s begin!


appkjppjJace, the witty and sassy half angel with killer looks is definitely one of the most entertaining and interesting characters of the series. He likes to cover his emotions behind a mask of nonchalance and sarcasm, but is actually a very caring and responsible person. Though, he IS quite clueless and indifferent at some instances.

He’s perfect, he knows it, and never fails to point that out every chance he gets. He’s not narcissistic though (or maybe just a little bit). He is most definitely a cheeky show off. But in a humorous and light hearted way (much like Thorne).

His love for Clary transcends all boundaries and is noticeable throughout the entire series. He is strong but also quite stubborn. Totally spontaneous and unpredictable in his actions. Rebellious and relentless, he is a true Dauntless. (did that rhyme?)



Tobias, or Four is the instructor of the Dauntless initiates. He is a bit reserved initially, but we see him opening his feelings more and more as the series progresses. Growing up in a household that wasn’t very cooperative, being suppressed and subdued by his condescending father, his early years weren’t easy. Getting out of the hold his father had over him and standing up for himself, showed immense courage on his part.

Not only was he the teacher, but also the leader, who was focused in his tasks and determined in his decisions.  His relationship with Tris was a little chaotic and messy, but Tris was the only person who was able to punch a hole in his armoured personality and therefore I can’t help but respect their bond.

I think we can all agree that he suffered a lot. Over the entire span of the series, he went through a lot of difficulties and hardships and lost so many loved ones. His sufferings broke him to the point where he was almost willing to delete his memories, to let go of the pain that haunted his mind and body.  But he didn’t give in. He stood up again. And that’s what I liked the most about him. He showed strength in all his weaknesses and courage in all his fears.


Both of them are highly skilled in their respective abilities and highly good-looking in their respective bodies. Their demeanor is a little similar in the way that they both are unyielding, decisive (unlike me) and commanding. Though, Jace is a little more sarcastic while Four is a little more serious.


According to me, they were both great and interesting characters and while Four relatively suffered more, I still find myself to be a little partial towards Jace. I am a sucker for sassy and sarcastic characters and therefore couldn’t help but choose Jace for this one. Also, as admirable as Four may be, he wasn’t able to secure a place in my heart like Jace did.

So yeah, for a very lame reason the winner this time, is Jace. I’ll trust my mind to come up with a better comparison next time.

Your turn. Between Jace and Tobias, which one would you have chosen? Leave me a comment.



22 thoughts on “Character Wars – Jace or Tobias/Four

  1. I agree! I would have chosen Jace too because of his sarcastic and more lighthearted attitude. I remember falling hard for Four, too, but you don’t get much sass from him. He’s more the reliable, strong rock, the voice of reason. I prefer my heroes more reckless, sassy and dark for UF or PNR.

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  2. Not to offend you or anything… but to be honest I don’t like both of these a lot… I mean I like them, but…. Like take Jace for example, his attitude in the third book(?) is like, “My father! Oh he’s my father I HAVE to follow him” . I personally felt that his attitude didn’t really match the sudden change… But otherwise his personality~ LOVE it! The development of both Clary and Jace as people was amazing in the last few books… Between the female leads though I choose Emma all the way!
    Tobias on the other hand, his POV in Insurgent was kind of boring really. It was almost like he was jealous of Tris for being Divergent!!! I mean WHY!! His character was PURRFECT in the first two books!
    So I guess I do agree with your choice but for different reasons… I really hope you aren’t offended since I know people who react violently to this opinion.

    On something totally different, did you read Iron Fey by Julie Kagawa? I love Puck from that story… And Kvothe from Name of the Wind. Good books both of them!

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    1. I agree that both of them had their flaws as characters.
      Jace had his arrogance, which I sometimes disliked (especially when he insulted Simon) and yes, his attitude towards Valentine was a bit conflicted, but can you blame him? He thought of him as his only family. But I do agree that it was a little annoying. Between Clary and Emma, I think I would have chosen Clary as I found her to be a bit more relatable. But Emma’s a totally badass character! My favourite from Lady Midnight is Mark though.
      Tobias was really irritating at times, but he was also simply adorable at other times. Like I said Tris and Tobias’s relationship was pretty messy.
      It was great to hear your thoughts! And I’m not offended at all lol.
      Unfortunately, I haven’t gotten around to reading the two books you mentioned. Will surely check them out!
      Thanks for reading and commenting. 🙂

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  3. I have to be honest, I don’t know these two very well at all as I’ve only watched the movies (one movie each, so far) and read the first Divergent book. But I still enjoy these posts immensely! They’re super fun to read 🙂
    Can’t wait for your next Character Wars! ^^

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    1. Thanks so much! I’m glad you’re liking these posts! Means a lot. 😀
      Both Divergent and The mortal instruments are great series. You should give them a try whenever you find time. 🙂
      Thanks for reading!

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