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Anime Challenge #12 – Saddest Anime Scene

Before I begin I should inform that I skipped the 11th part of this anime challenge-Favourite Mecha Anime-as Code Geass is the only Mecha I’ve seen yet and I’ve already told you enough about my feelings for the anime.  So today, I’ll be talking about the saddest anime scene I’ve ever seen.

Whenever anyone asks me about the saddest anime I’ve seen, I immediately blurt out  “Clannad”. But that isn’t the only sad anime I’ve seen. Angel Beats is not very far behind. And so, I have two extremely emotional scenes from these two anime that had me crying like a baby.

Note: For this post, i’ve excluded character deaths.

Contains spoilers for Clannad and Angel Beats!


Fuko’s arc:


Fuko is one of my favourite characters from Clannad. She is so precious and sweet and adorable. And therefore, all that she did for her sister really melts my heart. Distributing carved starfish to everyone and inviting them to her sister’s wedding, only to find them having forgotten her was so sad. Seeing everyone slowly forget Fuko was the most emotional scene for me. I know there are far sadder scenes in the anime, the anime is an emotional rollercoaster filled with tears, but this scene was the most heartbreaking for me. None of the other scenes were able to affect me the way this one did.

Angel Beats

The graduation:


The graduation scene was so beautiful and sad. In fact, the entire episode was absolutely bittersweet. Everyone thanking each other and reminiscing all their time together, before slowly obliterating. I can’t even put to words how much i loved that scene for its sheer sadness and beauty. I am the kind of person that hates goodbyes. If there’s anything that i hate the most in the world, it’s goodbyes. And therefore this scene, where they all bid their goodbyes to each other, affected me emotionally. I really can’t say anymore about this scene. It was so nicely portrayed and the soundtrack was wonderful. Indeed, it played a huge role in my opinion of the anime.




What about you guys? What do you think about these scenes? Leave me a comment.



23 thoughts on “Anime Challenge #12 – Saddest Anime Scene

  1. Exactly. I will never forget that tear jerking graduation scene in Angel Beats. It was more than just a “Goodbye” as it felt like everything has to fade away. I cried, really.

    Thanks for sharing this post.

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  2. Clannad and Angel beats! Were like a lot emotional and Angel beats left with a lot of questions… But personally, Clannad AfterStory was more sad… I couldn’t watch like episodes 16-22~ without tears. >.<

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    1. Yes, Clannad and Clannad After Story were just too emotional! But I didn’t like that the role of the other characters (Kyou, Fuko, Tomoye, kotomi) was reduced in afterstory. Therefore, personally I liked Clannad more though I agree that After Story was sadder. Thanks for reading!

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      1. Yeah AfterStory had reduced character involvement for friends and focused more on their family. After some thought I came across ‘Your lie in April’ and started wondering which was sadder.. I realise there is a lot of sad animes I watched.. Thanks for sharing those anime, I really realized something here. ^_^

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      2. I think the way they just disappeared was very realistic. Most people don’t keep such close contact with their high school friends. That fact, in and of itself, really just makes the whole thing sadder.

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  3. To express the saddest anime scene ever – I have to name one title, that does not need an explanation, because most of anime fans don’t need anything more than hear the title, to choke up a bit.
    Grave Of The Fireflies. 😀

    As for Clannad, the most sad/emotional scene for me was the Ushio’s talk with Tomoya in dandelion field and after, where Tomoya talked about his memories of Nagisa…

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  4. I actually haven’t watched Clannad yet. I agree with Angel Beats, though. The anime was hovering between average and good for me until this scene elevated it. I started tearing up and then straight out crying. If was definitely a sad but beautiful scene. 🙂

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  5. (I can’t believe I missed this post)

    Both shows and the aforementioned scenes are great tearjerkers. I still cry when I rewatch Otonashi’s final moments in the real world, dying as help finally arrived after trying his best to keep everyone’s spirits up.

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  6. Ahhhh! I had to stop reading as soon as the spoilers came because I haven’t seen any of them yet! But I really want tooooo! I’ve started Angel Beats, but haven’t got very far. I’m hoping to get some episodes in during the holidays! From what I have seen people say, I feel like I’m going to have to prepare myself for a lot of sadness…

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  7. The saddest anime scene for me would probably be from Clannad: After Story when Ushio says, “It’s the first gift I got from my dad!” That scene was really too much for me.

    Good mention of Angel beats, that scene actually made me happy and sad at the same time, I don’t know how! :p A great post!

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