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Book Review – Winter, Marissa Meyer (Lunar Chronicles #4)


I can’t believe this series is over already. *sobs*


The final installment in Cinder,  Scarlet,  Cress and Winter’s journey to overthrow the evil Queen Levana.


The story mostly revolves around Winter Blackburn, the stepdaughter of Levana and the new protagonist of this story. Considered to be Luna’s most beautiful girl,  it is no surprise that she was also the target of Queen Levana’s envy. That also meant that she was targeted to the numerous tortures of Queen Levana in order to reduce her beauty. Having refused to ever use her Lunar powers of manipulation, she was diagnosed with Lunar sickness, which is a side effect of the same.

I loved her character! She was a precious little sunflower and I loved her optimism. Innocent, sweet and kind on the outside, but also tough, smart and hopeful on the inside.  This part of the series was based on the story of Snow White and the entire fairy tale flavour was noticeable in the story.

I really like how different all the characters in this series are. Cinder is the tough, enduring and leading protagonist.  Scarlet is the bold, daring and strong redhead. Cress is the dreamy, smart, and genius damsel in distress. Winter is the innocent, selfless and optimistic princess.  Kai is the gentle, diplomatic Prince and a concerned teenage boy. Wolf is the tough, strong and ferocious guy with a tender heart. Thorne is the overconfident, sassy and humorous type.  Jacin is the brave-soldier-willing-to-take-any-risks-for-his-beloved-princess type. Not to forget Iko, the awesome android which is an accurate representation of us fangirls.

The character developments are progressive as we see each of them rediscovering themselves and growing and learning. The plot was intriguing and riveting, but a little predictable.

I liked that the author didn’t rush with the book. Fitting four protagonists in a single story is hard enough job and Marissa Meyer took all the pages she needed to present the story as smoothly and detailed as she could.

I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys intermixing of ideas and elements or anybody who likes fairy tales in general.

To sum up, I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and these wonderful stories of Cinder, Scarlet, Cress and Winter left a mark on me. This series exceeded my expectations.

 Marissa Meyer is totally correct in saying –  “This is not the fairy tale you remember, but it’s one you won’t forget.”


I give it a five out of five! (Like i had promised in my last review)


This book is an ingenious concoction of delicious fairy tales.




37 thoughts on “Book Review – Winter, Marissa Meyer (Lunar Chronicles #4)

      1. Sadly, most people hated Scarlet the most. They thought she was cruel and rude. I liked that about her. i like when a female character is abrasive, because male characters are applauded for that same personality.

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  1. This book had my sleeping schedule basically diminish into extinction! I was so glued to it to the point where I literally left hand prints on the cover— it was that bad!
    Nonetheless, I couldn’t agree more~ It’s such a beautiful story and I like that even though it brought about an ending to one of my now favourite series, it was still very well woven through.
    And that’s one great review you’ve gotten there! Xx

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  2. I loved this series!! It’s one of my favourites! Ermygosh! 😍😍 The feels! ✨It completely captivated me and I couldn’t put it down! I had the hugest crush on Kai! 😂 and I absolutely loved Cress!! She and Throne were like perfection! ❤️ and I loved how Cinder was a cyborg! It was so COOL! And Scarlet and Wolf, they had the sweetest relationship ever! And Winter! Oh my gosh, she was the most precious thing ever! It was so sad she needed to go through the hallucinations! 😭 The guard too– I can’t remember his name– when he wanted to protect Winter!

    I’m in total fan girl mode! 😍 I NEED to reread the series now! And now I’m trying so hard to get my hands in Marissa Meyer’s new book Heartless. The cover is gorgeous! 😍

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    1. You just accurately described all the things that went in my head when I’d finished this series!! It is indeed an awesome series that I absolutely enjoyed. It was sad that Winter had needed to go through all those hallucinations. And I was so glad that Jacin was always there for her! I think every one had a crush on Kai lol. And yes, the idea to have Cinder as a Cyborg was quite interesting and nice.
      Oh Heartless yes, I wanna read that too! It has such a pretty cover!
      Thanks a lot for reading!

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  3. I’ve been wanting to read this series because I love fairy tales and seeing them spinned on their head correctly is always a treat. I think I’ll definitely get into this series after reading such a glowing review of the last book!

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