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Anime Challenge #10 – Favourite Fighter Anime


I have to admit I am a bit confused about the definition of a fighter anime. By fighter do they mean anime which have one on one fights or do they mean anime that have action in general? Nonetheless, for today I’ll be going with the latter definition and talking about an anime that is included in my personal ‘favourite anime of all time’ list and which i love very much. As you must have guessed from the picture, it’s none other than – Attack On Titan.


This anime is hyped for all the right reasons. It usually takes me around a few episodes to get attached to an anime, but in this case, I was hooked to it from the first episode itself. The fast paced, thrilling storyline was able to capture my undivided attention since the beginning. This might as well have been the first time I saw an anime that didn’t get boring even for a second.

Me trying to catch up with everything going on in the anime.

The animation and the soundtrack went impeccably well with the apocalyptic theme of the anime and gave it a cinematic effect. All the scenes are outstanding and surprisingly realistic. Even with its fast pace, it never felt too fast or too slow.

The battles are exciting and the action is outstanding. The female titan arc is my favourite arc. The strategies, the fighting and even the deaths add to the brilliance of the anime. It is indeed very enjoyable.



The characters are intriguing and endearing. I love Eren’s unyielding determination, Mikasa’s emotional control, Armin’s critical thinking, Levi’s confidence, Jean’s gumption, Sasha’s appetite, Hange’s eccentricity, Krista’s sweetness and Annie’s courage, to name a few.

It gives us numerous lessons on team work and friendship and endurance. I admit it does gets a bit over-dramatic and unbelievable at parts, but that does make the anime more engaging and unforgettable.

What crimes have we committed to be tortured like this in wait of the second season?

I’m sorry for this post. I’m in total fangirling mode when it comes to AOT. In fact, I’d been looking for an opportunity to unleash this inner SNK fangirl and that may or may not be the reason why I chose this anime for today.


Your turn! ย What are your thoughts on Attack on Titan ? What’s your favourite fighter anime? Leave me a comment.



22 thoughts on “Anime Challenge #10 – Favourite Fighter Anime

  1. Yeah, I’m also confuse about the definition, but I assumed it was anything with a focus on action and fights!

    AoT is a pretty great series. Good storyline and awesome directing with pretty cool characters. I liked it a lot! Can’t wait for season 2.

    Mine would be Hunter x Hunter, but since it’s also my favourite I’ll be picking World Trigger for this one.

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    1. It’s a confusing term indeed. I was thinking of going with Beelzebub for this one initially, but I changed my mind lol.
      AOT is amazing. I wonder when they’ll release the second season. The wait has been stretched for far too long already!
      I had been expecting you to go with Hunter x Hunter. It does fit the description quite well. But world trigger is a great choice as well.
      Thanks for reading. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  2. The term does seem confusing. It sounds like it may fit some of the battle royale-like shows in which case I’d choose Fate Zero.

    But I do love your pick. AoT is currently my favorite show and while it didn’t hook me from the very beginning, once it did get its claws into me, it refused to let go. I’m a willing victim though. Everything about this, from characters to soundtrack to those breathtaking 3DMG sequences has me going into full fan…person(?) mode.

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    1. Definitely agree with you there! I know we can read the manga to know the rest of the story but the anime just has something so epic about its effects and animation, that I had to refrain. And therefore, sadly, we’ll just have to wait. But I’m sure it’ll be worth it. Thanks for reading!

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  3. This was an exciting series. I can still hear the OP and the ED in my head even now.
    Who was your favorite character?
    …that’s a tough question to ask on a weekday, sorry haha.

    Thanks for sharing! The term fighter anime had me really confused, too.

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    1. Me too! The openings and endings are also amazing not only due to the music but also because of the animation that plays along with them.
      That IS actually a tough question but I think it would have to be Armin. Simply because he is a genius haha. What about you?

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      1. Totally agreed on both counts! Polished and great to watch as well as listen to~
        Armin is a great choice. I thinks he’s the most likeable of the three main characters.
        I think I would have to go with Sasha. She is just so funny and cool. Fighting with a bow and arrows? Dang!
        A close contender would be Dot Pixis. The alcoholic commander and schemer had his shining moments with speech and plans in my opinion.

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      2. Armin may be physically weak, but his mind is the strongest of the three. The reason i like him so much might be because he is proof that physical strength is not the only thing required in a team or military.
        Sasha is awesome! I like her too! And she’s also hilarious.
        Dot pixis is an interesting choice. I can see why you like him. He definitely has something more to him, I suspect. (haven’t read the manga yet)

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      3. That’s very true. Believe it or not, he gets even more amazing in the manga – his determination is incredible and he isn’t some weak kid by then. He’s definitely proof that brains are needed in a team, too.
        I’m glad you agree about Sasha! She adds some cheer into the grim setting just by being her.
        I’m a sucker for those charismatic types with self destructive tendencies, I guess, wahaha.

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      4. Oohh I had wanted to read the manga but I didn’t because I wanted to be absolutely clueless about the plot when I see the second season. But now I don’t think I’ll be able to wait for much longer. The anticipation is killing me lol.
        Sasha is definitely one fun character!

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      5. I know that feeling. Hang in there! It certainly has been a hot minute since season one aired, hasn’t it?
        I’m not really helping, but you get to see Armin be really brave in the manga, haha.
        You can’t dislike Potato Girl!

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      6. The second season better come out soon!
        Oh yes you’re not helping at all lol! But now I have something to look forward to in the second season. Though, I do think I’ll just give up and read the manga eventually.
        Potato-girl yes!

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