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Anime Challenge #8 – Favourite Anime Couple

I have many Anime ships but almost all of them are the ones that never sailed. Sadly for me, I always end up shipping the wrong people (post for another time). Upon much thinking and consideration, i finally didย find one of my ships that has high chances of sailing. And that is Kaneki X Touka. They’re not a couple yet, but i decided to feature them anyway. After all, it might just be the only pair i ship that still has some chances of getting together in the future (compared to my other ships). So yeah, Kaneki and Touka are my favourite anime couple.




I think they’re perfect together. Though we do not see any romantic developments between the two, it is certainly hinted at and honestly, i cannot see Kaneki with anyone else. They’re both strong willed, powerful and have a deep, emotional side to themselves. Touka might seem cold and guarded on the outside but she has a softer side to herself that has feelings for Kaneki.

They’re strong and sensible and do not approve of the endless war between the ghouls and the humans. Together they might even lead these thoughts to fruition and stop that war.



Everyone who’s seen the anime can agree to this. Kaneki alone and sad meets Touka cold but kind and through her, he is introduced to this dark and scary world of the ghouls. Except the ghouls of Anteiku are anything but dark. And suddenly he’s not so alone and sad anymore.




I like Tsunderes. They are the only dere-types that i adore. And so Tsundere relationships are my favourite kind of relationships where the other person is cold and angry but also sweet and soft-hearted. These kind of relationships take time but they are the most fun to watch. I think of Touka as a Tsundere and so her relationship with Kaneki is something that i look forward to seeing.




I think they will make a great couple. Together, they will stop the pointless war between ghouls and humans and restore peace and harmony in Tokyo. They will teach all the bad ghouls and humans a lesson or two. I can imagine them running a brand new Anteiku together and living their lives happily.


What about you? Who is your favourite anime couple?

Thanks for reading!



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