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Anime Challenge #7 – My Anime Crush

Anime crush? There are many but for this post I would have to go with Taichi Mashima from Chihayafuru,  who has been my anime crush for a long time.

Before I write anything let’s just take a moment to appreciate his admirable beauty.



But he’s not only beautiful from the outside, but from the inside as well. He has an amazing personality. He is shown to be good at everything in school – from academics to sports. While that might appear as quite unrealistic, his nature is and his character however are very realistic. He is sophisticated in the way he deals with his insecurities, and sometimes you can’t help but understand and sympathise with his feelings. He is Chihaya’s right hand and his undying and unrequited (?)  love for her always melts my heart.


He’s a great leader and an even greater friend. Constantly supporting and encouraging all the members of the karuta club, he might just seem perfect.

200_d (1).gif

What I really liked was that he is shown have some dark traits in himself as well. In the flashbacks his jealousy for Arata and arrogance in general is very palpable. And even in the present there is some envy and competiveness in his natural,  though it has dimmed and he has more control over his emotions.   But there is also a spark of friendship and empathy between Taichi and Arata . as the years pass by he becomes more reserved but also wiser, calmer and increasingly observant (compared to the totally oblivious chihaya).

Basically, his character is not only pretty but also pretty-complicated. He isn’t some sort of Hero or Savior or Prince, but don’t even think for a second, that he is any less than one.

For me, he stole my heart from the beginning.

Who is your anime crush? And what are your thoughts on mine?

Sorry for the short and late post and thanks for reading!



16 thoughts on “Anime Challenge #7 – My Anime Crush

  1. Taichi! This makes me want to watch the series again. I have way too many anime crushes. Narsus from Arslan Senki came to mind first. But there are more. Much more. XD

    But my first one ever was Hitsugaya from Bleach (first anime I watched). It’s embarrassing to remember.

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    1. Shipping Chihaya with Arata would be the right thing to do if you have a crush on Taichi, but in my case I can’t help but ship Taichi and Chihaya. It’s a very interesting love triangle.
      Tjanks for checking out my blog! 🙂

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