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Anime Challenge #6 – Anime I Want To Watch

Well actually, there are a lot of anime that i want to watch ( a LOT!), but currently the top of my to-watch list has been occupied by ‘Psycho Pass’. I had been wanting to watch this anime for ages but something or the other got in between and i wasn’t able to see it. But recently this amazing review by weekendotaku came into my notice and i finally decided to watch it next.

I’ve heard some pretty good reviews of this anime and i found the plot very intriguing as well. I haven’t watched many dystopian anime, so that’s another reason why i want to watch it so bad. It also only has two seasons (though i would have preferred if it were even shorter) so it might not take very long to finish.

Based in a world where judgement is given to a person even before he/she commits the crime, it sure does sound like a thrilling watch. It also seems quite dark and sombre. I didn’t do a lot of research into it because i like an anime more when i don’t happen to know very much about it. But everything that I’ve learnt about this anime so far has been positive so i’m really excited.

The animation also seems quite nice and I’ve heard that the soundtrack is also good. I usually try to not expect much from any series as i hate it when i’m dissapointed, but i’ll be lying if i say that i don’t have any expectations from this one. From all the things I’ve heard, it sure does sound like an enjoyable watch and i’m always up for anything thrilling.

Some people even compared it to Death Note on imdb and the last time someone did that, it was with Code Geass, which turned out to be my favourite.

Apart from this anime, there are more that I’ve been recommended and i really want to watch, like HunterxHunter , Fruits Basket, Baccano and Death Parade (currently watching).

Have you guys seen Psycho Pass? What are your thoughts on the anime? (no spoilers, though). Should i give this anime a watch?

Which anime do you guys want to watch?

Thanks for reading! πŸ™‚


20 thoughts on “Anime Challenge #6 – Anime I Want To Watch

  1. Psycho Pass is really interesting. There are some issues with the story (mostly toward the end of season 1) but it has such interesting characters and its a greaty dystopian future story. It’s another one of those anime that I can convince even non-anime fans to watch and they kind of enjoy it so definitely check out at least the first two episodes.

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    1. I will check out this anime as soon as I can. I have a feeling that I’ll like it. Anime that even non-anime fans enjoy usually turn out to be pretty great.
      Thanks for your thoughts! πŸ™‚

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    1. There is a movie as well? I didn’t know about it haha. I’m not sure if I’ll watch it myself. It’ll all depend on the anime.
      I’ve heard amazing stuff about season 1. Appreciate your views.
      Thanks for reading and commenting!

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      1. Season two’s script was done by a different writer and the series was animated by a different studio. From what I have seen online it received mixed reviews. The movie, which takes place after the events of season two, is however scripted by the original writer.

        I probably enjoyed Psycho-Pass because it was created by the same chap responsible for Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Fate/Zero and Aldnoah.Zero.

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      2. Oh. That might be the reason why most people prefer the first season. Anyway I’ll get to the second season depending upon my impression of first season but thanks for the information and trivia!
        Was the second season intended when the anime had come out initially?

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      3. Season one was Amazing… Season two was nice as well. It’s one of those Animes which will always make you smile anytime you remember them.! I’m yet to watch the movie as well..I’ll do that during spring break.

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  2. When season one ended the director said they would make a sequel if there was enough demand. Evidently the show was popular enough to justify two followups. Perhaps they made a short second season to kill time whilst the movie was being made.

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    1. Ohh of course if the second season wasn’t intended, there are high chances it might not be as good as the first. I don’t like the story being dragged on if it has achieved a good, justified ending.
      As for the movie, I’m not sure if i’ll see it as I usually don’t watch anime-based movies.
      Thanks a lot! You seem to have great knowledge about these things.

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      1. Well, the way the first series ended did leave scope to make more seasons if they so wished. It’s a bit like a cop show. As long as there is crime in the world you can keep on having adventures with these characters.

        I generally prefer shows over movies too, but not watching any movies at all is denying yourself some good stuff. Not to mention that movies are less of a time to watch.

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    1. Your review was really good. It played a huge role in my decision to see it. Well I haven’t seen much dystopian in anime but I’ll definitely give it a go.


  3. I can empathize with having a lot of anime you want to watch. I have a ridiculous list distributed across 3 word docs.

    Psycho Pass is a good choice, especially the first season. It’s got some great characters and an engaging storyline as well some food for thought concerning notions of justice. It’s one of my favorite anime.

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    1. I think the to-watch list is never-ending. You can never watch too many anime.
      All of the comments are now making me even more eager to see it. Can’t wait, actually. Will get to it as soon as I can. Thanks for reading and commenting!

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  4. I wholeheartedly recommend you watch Psycho Pass.

    It’s definitely not perfect, mostly because the main character is as dull as they come, but the setting is pretty interesting and the general idea of the story and theme exploration is good.

    The second season is terrible though. They changed director and studio and the new team had no idea what they were doing and really messed up a lot of the details and created a lot of plotholes.

    I’d recommend watching the movie instead of the second season, since it’s essentially the “real” sequel to the first season.

    But yeah, ranting aside, Psycho Pass is pretty good. Definitely get round to it when you have the time!

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    1. I will certainly watch this anime next. I figured that the second season might not be that good, as most second seasons go (like death note) and of course changing the team usually does bring down an anime. Thanks for your recommendation! I’ll maybe watch the movie instead after finishing the anime.
      Thanks for reading!

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