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Book Review – Cress (The Lunar Chronicles #3), Marissa Meyer

Remember when I complained about not getting emotionally attached to the characters from Cinder and Scarlet? I don’t think there are any complains anymore.

One Line Synopsis:

The story focuses on Cress, a brilliant hacker incarcerated in a satellite orbiting Earth, who’s trying to help Cinder and her crew overthrow the evil Queen Levana.


Okay, so this book is soo good! Even better than Scarlet. Marissa Meyer is raising the bar with each sequel. Crescent Moon aka Cress aka Rapunzel is a damsel in distress looking for her hero to rescue her from the satellite, where she has been living for the past seven years of her life. The hero aka Carswell Thorne is the guy Cress has her eyes on. The story follows mainly their adventures together and how by the end everything falls back into place and the connection is revealed.

The characters of Cress and Thorne are hugely entertaining and amusing.  I can’t believe i didn’t mention Thorne even once in my last review! He is just so sassy and humorous. Cress is another great character.Being a shell that has only seen most of the world through the screens of her satellite, her response to even the most mundane and granted things is amusingly dramatic. She is a sweet little character and it was nice to see the world from her perspective for a change. Did i mention that she has very, very long hair?

Of course the main story also progresses at a fast pace (faster than Scarlet) with more new characters being introduced and the rest of the story being teased. I’m really liking as to how the story is turning out to be and how things are unfolding piece by piece. The climax of this book was absolutely fabulous and well-written.

The story, though predictable, is very enjoyable and i have no complains at all this time. In fact, i’m finding myself to be overly-attached to the characters now. So, kudos to Marissa Meyer for penning such an outstanding book.



(a 4.5 because i’m saving the 5 for the next book)

The word ‘amazing’ is an understatement for this book.



6 thoughts on “Book Review – Cress (The Lunar Chronicles #3), Marissa Meyer

  1. YOU BASICALLY COPIED ALL THE THOUGHTS AND FEELS I HAD AND PASTED IT OVER HERE! Only with a great style and a wonderful choice of words~ I loved that series so much! And as you said, it only keeps on getting better and better! And Thorne~ If I start on this one, I may as well sit here until kingdom come because, oh my God, I just love him!

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