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100+ Followers!

Wait what? Is this even real?

200 (1).gif

I’ve got a hundred followers on WordPress and I can’t believe it! It’s only been a month into blogging and now there are 103 wonderful people interested in my posts. I thank every single one of you with all my heart, for deeming my blog worthy enough of your attention! You guys are all kinds of awesome and have made blogging so much fun and enjoyable for me. I never thought I’d love blogging as much as I do.

Blogging has introduced me to some fantastic blogs and posts that are deeply amazing, and to some even more fantastic people behind these posts and blogs. The people here are the nicest I’ve ever come across and without the constant support and encouragement from you guys, I wouldn’t even be here! So THANK YOU! Thank you so much for everything!Β 


I’ve been given a platform to express my thoughts and interests through WordPress, and I am very grateful and honoured to cross this Β milestone in the wild ride that is blogging.

Words cannot describe my happiness and joy. Again, it’s all thanks to you guys!

I hope you have as much fun reading my posts as I have writing them.

Thank you so much!


38 thoughts on “100+ Followers!

    1. Thanks so much! Your site is nice too, I’m sure you must have attracted lots of readers yourself as it grew, if not in a month. I really appreciate it!
      I don’t think you need any tips! You’re very experienced. If anything, I’m the one that can use some tips from you. πŸ™‚

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