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Anime Challenge #3 – Favourite Male Anime Character

Choosing one favourite male anime character is a hard thing for me. If I had been asked to choose a favourite from a particular series, I would have happily obliged and chose. But to choose one from all the anime I’ve watched, is not an easy task. Still, narrowing it down to two, it would be either L or Lelouch. So I’m just going to mention both, if that’s okay.



L lawliet is a genius mastermind. Some of his tactics and plans absolutely blew my mind. Like the one where he skillfully succeeds in finding out Light’s location. The way he’s always a step ahead.

His personality is shown to be a bit eccentric. And his face is totally inscrutable. You can never guess what’s going on in his mind. Neither can Light. Except cake, he’s always secretly thinking about cake. Aren’t we all?

Throughout the show, we see parts of his life being revealed to us. Little things about his personality and feelings. His loneliness. We can all agree that both Light and L enjoyed each other’s company. Light did kill him in the end, but L was still the person who won. His apprentice Near, made sure of that. This anime was amazing, by the way.

L totally stole the show with his intelligence, his presence of mind and his eccentricity and humour. And that is why he is my favourite.



Coming to Lelouch. Most of you are familiar with my love for Code Geass. And a major reason for this is the character of Lelouch. He was a genius as well, but he was also insecure. He had great ambitions and his determination was out of this world. But he also had his flaws. And he was aware of them. He made mistakes, so many of them. But he was resilient enough to bounce back and move forward. The fact that always tears me up is that he sacrificed himself for the good of the world. And no one ever realised his sacrifices and his motives. He died and everyone celebrated. That was the saddest thing ever. Β He was the unsung hero.

His character was so complex. He was physically weak but never let people get to him. He can be called selfless as well as selfish. He can be called strong as well as weak. He was ideal and yet so real. Β All the things he did will never be forgotten, at least not by me. *sobs*


Both L and Lelouch in their own ways, found a place in my heart. And funnily enough, both of their names start with the letter L.


Who are your favourite male anime characters? Share your views!


Thanks for bearing with my ceaseless feels on these characters.

Sorry for the late post.




19 thoughts on “Anime Challenge #3 – Favourite Male Anime Character

  1. Lelouch was a great character and the fact that he sacrificed himself despite knowing that he would never be acknowledged for his actions is truly heartbreaking.

    It still tears me up to this very day. His character was handled magnificently.

    Excellent picks. Looking forward to the next one.

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  2. I feel your pain in choosing. It’s hard to narrow down favorite characters.

    I liked L – though if I had to pick, it’d be Light – and how he was nothing whatsoever like you’d expect a genius detective to be. The anime after his death was pretty disappointing.

    And Lelouch is just a ball of crazy awesome.

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    1. Light is pretty good too. Anti heroes always appeal to me. But there was just something about L that made him my favourite.
      As for lelouch, I couldn’t have put it better myself! πŸ™‚

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  3. L!! I almost couldn’t watch the show after he left. And Lelouch is always amazing. He deserves to be in every list. Haha. I just love the way we get to know him past his initial reveal as a super smart, arrogant guy.

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