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Book Review – Scarlet (The lunar chronicles #2), Marissa Meyer

This book was fun and way better than Cinder.

One Line Synopsis:

Loosely based on the fairy tale of Red Riding Hood, the story follows the journey of Scarlet, who’s looking for her grandmother with the help of Wolf-a mysterious stranger.


Another entry in the futuristic sci-fi world created by Marissa Meyer, Scarlet is a nice book. When i had read Cinder, i didn’t like it quite as much. So i had been reluctant to buy and read this book. But i’m happy to say it didn’t disappoint. This is NOT the Red Riding Hood story you’ve heard from your grandma, but a totally different action packed , and deeply entertaining tale.

I was very impressed by the character of Scarlet. She is daring and i liked that she would go to any lengths to save her grandmother and knew what she was doing and wanted to do. It was refreshing to see the world from a new character’s point of view. The wolf, mysterious, enigmatic and surreal, was another interesting character. Even Cinder’s role in the book was justified and fitting. I like how everything is connected and more new and new people are being introduced in each book without any confusion.

The mystery surrounding the Wolf is intriguing and the chemistry between Scarlet and Wolf is not forced at all.  The plot was good and everything made sense in the end.

The only issue for me with this book was that i wasn’t able to get attached to the characters. The characters were great, but were merely characters, atleast for me. This is not the kind of book that will make your heart implode with feelings, but is still a good, light hearted book.



Overall, this book is an entertaining read, that won’t get you bored.


6 thoughts on “Book Review – Scarlet (The lunar chronicles #2), Marissa Meyer

    1. I had never read this poem before, but now I have to say this is a great piece and thanks for sharing!
      As for the lunar chronicles, they are great reinterpretations though they borrow only the basic characters and certain plots. The rest is totally original and it doesn’t disappoint!

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