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Favourite Anime Openings

Openings are an essential part of every anime. In my case, openings play a very important role in deciding which anime to watch next. So today i’m counting down 10 of my favourite anime openings that i never skip when watching the anime.

I’ve only listed one opening per anime. Here we go –


10. Hacking to the gate – Steins Gate

You get a good peek into the anime through this opening. It’s even got some good beats. Love this anime!


9. Colours – Code Geass

Code geass is one of my favourite animes ever and i love this one particular opening. It gives a great introduction to the anime and has a wonderfully upbeat tune to it.


8. Monochrome no kiss – Black Butler

This song is great! I love the part where Ciel disintegrates just as Sebastian reaches for him.


7.  What’s Up People – Death Note opening 2

I know a lot of people prefer the first opening over this but i frankly like this one a lot more. The way everything is portrayed in the video and the hard core rock and metal goes perfectly with the theme of the anime. I especially love the part from 0:46 to 1:07


6.  My dearest – Guilty Crown

It’s a true masterpiece of an opening. The song is amazing and the video fits perfectly. The opening is one of the reasons i took to watching this anime.


5. My Soul Your Beats – Angel Beats

A beautiful track. Kanade is kawaii as hell while playing the piano! I love listening as well as singing along to this song.


4. Fantasy Mythology –  Future Diary

Okay so let’s just take a moment to appreciate this song. It is outstanding!! Though i did not like the anime, the opening i do enjoy. I picked this anime only because of this opening ( You’re going to hear that a lot in this post)


3. Guren no yomiya – Attack On Titan

I think most of us have atleast once in our lives hummed the tune of this opening. It’s just so catchy! It gives all the Attack on Titan nostalgia and vibes. Seriously, can’t wait for season 2.


2. Again – Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood

This opening is soo good! The tune the beats the voice of the singer the video, everything is just perfect. All of FAB openings are very melodious and nice. But this one is my favourite. I don’t even have words in my vocabulary to fully appreciate this opening.


1.Unravel – Tokyo Ghoul

The best opening ever, for me. I love everything about this track. This is the first andthe only Japanese song in my mobile. I love this opening more than the anime itself. And i only watched this anime because of the openin. I still remember my excitement upon watching and hearing this opening for the first time and how i had dropeed everything else to see the anime.


Sorry for the long post. Hope you liked this list. What are some of your favourite anime openings?

Thank you for reading!


21 thoughts on “Favourite Anime Openings

  1. Some great shouts here. Funnily enough, I was thinking earlier how much I enjoy ending themes, and find them to be (usually) stronger than opening. A few of my favourites include Cowboy Bebop, Tsuritama, Evangelion and Hunter x Hunter 2011 among many others.

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