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Anime Review – Your Lie In April


Number Of Episodes : 22

Rating : 8/10

There is only one word for this anime – beautiful. It is so incredibly beautiful and artistic, and inspirational. This anime adds fuel to all your aspirations.

The story revolves around Kousei Arima, an exceptional pianist who stops playing the piano after his mother’s death. He meets an eccentric girl called Kaori, who plays the violin and his life takes a turn for the better. Together Kaori and Kousei follow the path of music while creating a wonderful tale of love, music , friendship and following your dreams.

It’s hard to talk about this anime without tearing up, but i’ll try my best. Some scenes were so touching and motivating, you couldn’t help but relate to them. It has an amazing story and an amazing soundtrack and gives many morals. Everything about this anime is very simple, yet so surreal. A single season telling a single story which is not complicated at all and reaches out to your soul. Although it talks about piano and music, any person in any other field can still relate to this anime just as much as a musician.

And it’s not just about music. It’s funny and emotional and sad and happy and has a lot of backstories and flashbacks. The characters are so well defined and realistic. The animation is superb and pleasant.

It’s basically a great watch. Although a short anime, these twenty two episodes are enough to leave a mark in your heart.

I recommend this to anyone who enjoys slice of life with a good story and characters.

What are your thoughts on this anime?

Thank you for reading!

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