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Fansanity – The Ultimate Fan Disease

Being a fangirl/fanboy is no easy job as the Muggles can never quite understand your obssesssions with fictional things. This makes it very hard for the fan to function properly and can be very unhealthy. Therefore it’s important for one to let their inner fangirl/fanboy out on a regular basis so that one doesn’t drive mad. The reputed fandom doctors have termed this as a state of fansanity.

Fansanity, is a highly contagious and chronic mental disease whose symptoms include hyperventilation upon seeing anything that manifests the so called ‘feels’ ,  palpable mood swings, incredible addiction to memes, tumblr, fan fictions and anything Fandom related. The obssession can be over anything from books, movies and tv shows to anime and actors. Once a person catches Fansanity , the real world no longer appeals to them and human interactions are perceived as dull and placid. So far, a cure to this condition has not been found.

A rough sketch of the mind of a Fansanity patient.

Here are some ways and exercises to keep one’s Fansanity at bay :-

  1. Seeking Immediate help                                                              Admission to the number one Fansanity hospital  – The Internet, is imperative to battle this severe condition. The Internet has first class Fansanity diagnostics (memes, fan fiction etc) that never run out  and has a wide range of eminent Fandom doctors from all across the globe.  Indeed the Internet has had a big role to play in both the spread as well as diagnosis of this disease.
  2.  Interacting with other diagnosed patients                      Fansanity is a widespread disease and is highly contagious. Therefore it is not hard to find more such patients around oneself. Interacting with more patients invokes empathy and also provides immeasurable happiness to the fangirl/fanboy. The number one hospital for fansanity – The Internet, can help the fan find millions of fansanity patients
  3.  Creating fictional scenarios in one’s head                                                                                        The minds of fangirls/fanboys are highly creative and can be used to create ingenious fictional headcannons and stories. Closing their eyes and playing such scenarios has proved to be very efficient in controlling Fansanity and has helped various of fans. Not to mention it keeps one away from awkward muggle interaction.

The disease ,albeit not fatal, is still highly dangerous and therefore the The Internet has taken steps to serve as an excellent refuge for the fans.

Together the various fangirls and fanboys can conquer this illness and rejoice in their respective fandoms. Let’s all join hands and spread awareness of this illness.

Hope you  found this article helpful. Thankyou for reading and good luck to you!

note: i do not own any images featured in this post credits to the respective artists.


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