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Anime Soundtracks – My Favourite Soundtracks from Anime

Hey everybody/ Konichiwa Minna-san!

Anime is one of the greatest creations of humanity and after finishing a good anime i always like to immerse myself in the soundtracks to bring back the nostalgia and feels. So here are some of my favourite soundtracks from some of my favourite animes that give me goosebumps whilst crying from the nostalgia :-

Disclaimer : This list is in no particular order and all these soundtracks are equally amazing to me.

1. Attack on Titan OST,  Hiroyuki Sawano

Okay, this. This anime is a masterpiece and the soundtrack is a perfect example. The violent apocalyptic theme and the sound effects give the anime a theatrical effect and make it even more enthralling and engaging. This soundtrack reeks of adrenaline, action and TITANS!!

2. Tokyo Ghoul OST – Licht und schatten (Light and Shadow) by Yutaka Yamada

I think the entire soundtrack of this anime is better than the anime itself. There is no doubt that unravel is the best opening ever, but the soundtracks are also some of the best i’ve  heard. The dark and eery tune with a touch of emotions is what makes this soundtrack one of my favourites and gives me all the TG vibes.

3. Death Note – L’s theme, Light’s theme and Low of Solipsism

Finding even three best soundtracks from this anime is a hard enough job. But these three are the ones i think resonate the most with the anime.  These three soundtracks are very diverse and yet very similar. L’s theme is a reminder of the genius that he was (cries) and Light’s theme is the musical embodiment of his soul. Low of Solipsism fittingly captures the essence of the anime and gives me chills.

Fun Fact : L’s theme is perfect ringtone material and has served as my ringtone for a very long time.

L’s theme –

Light’s theme –

Low of Solipsism –

4. Clannad – Nagisa

Welcome to the feels section. So this ANIME and SOUNDTRACK always makes me cry, no matter what. This is beautiful and melodious and has emotions and sentiments and feels all over. A beautiful blend of sorrow and happiness(like the anime). Need i say more?

5. Steins Gate – Gate of Steiner

Another highly emotional and nostalgic soundtrack.  This soundtrack is a magical delight.  It has a slightly mystical start that smoothly turns into an incredibly soothing and relaxing tune reminiscent of the anime. I love this soundtrack so much!

Enjoy the track –

6. Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood – Anticipation

Enchanting and mysterious. Exactly like the anime. With a dark yet magical theme and a beautiful orchestra of music and alchemy. It is a rollercoaster of mixed emotions.  Even the openings of this anime are all really good (future blog idea, yes!)

Treat your ears with this track –

7. Fairytail – Main theme

Okay so this is such an upbeat and happy soundtrack.  It gets me all fired up! So full of life and energy. This is such wizardry in the name of anime.

Fun Fact : Fairytail was my first anime and has a special place in my heart.

Listen to this awesome track here –

I know there are MANY MORE incredibly amazing and wonderful anime soundtracks out there and i would love to hear some of your favourites (comment below). Hope you liked this list! 

Thank you for reading!


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