Lady Midnight by Cassandra Clare

Hey guys! These are my personal thoughts on the book Lady Midnight. Hope you like this review!


Disclaimer: This may contain mild SPOILERS!

I had read this book last week and i still cannot get over it. When i had finished reading this work of art, i was dying. Not literally of course but the way a reader dies after finishing a really good book and then realising that they will have to wait a good seven months before the sequel comes out.

This book was everything i had NOT expected it to be. I had just casually bought this book and thought this was just another quintessential Cassie shadowhunter novel , but man was i wrong! Well it did have some of the typical shadowhunter stuff but even more of everything else. This is arguably the strongest first novel written by Cassie ever. And so satisfying because all the questions raised and suspense created in this book were duly dealt with and revealed in this book itself, leaving us with further questions and theories to ponder over.

As happens with me in most novels, i did not like the main character as much as the rest. Maybe because they are usually-not always-too cliched and predictable and you get a little annoyed by their recurring povs when clearly the povs of other characters are far more interesting(is it just me?). This was the only thing i didn’t like about this book. It’s always just Emma and Julian and the same old things being repeated all over again and just too less of Mark and Cristina who clearly have a much complex and original storyline. But it can be overlooked because this has always been the case with me (i don’t know why).

The romantic developments between Emma and Julian are far too predictable , with the typical Cassie touch of forbidden love and sacrifice. But she excels so much at the other love triangles that you cannot guess whom the other characters will end up with. She is a drama queen with her stories and knows exactly how to mess with our feelings. I’ll give her that.

Overall, this book was quite enjoyable and i’m looking forward to reading the sequels of this novel, because the feels are real and messed up.


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